As Black and Asian men we understand why you’re scared to tell anyone.

We can help.

We provide a completely confidential service (see our Confidentiality Policy) for men of Asian, African and African-Caribbean origin, aged 13 and over. Our experienced counsellors are qualified in a range of therapies. 

We are a professional service, members of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). 

Our practice adheres to and is informed by the ethical framework of the BACP

Men from ethnic communities face unique mental health challenges, which can be worsened by racism, stigma, and inequality. The pandemic has had a devastating effect on mental health, as well as the accessibility of treatment. 57% of adults experienced mental health concerns during the pandemic. By working with The Meridian Centre in Bradford, you can help us to provide ethnic minority (predominantly Muslim) men facing mental health crises with specialised psychotherapy. With your support, we can help more people who are struggling to cope with mental health issues.
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As Black and Asian men, we understand the unique pressures Black and Asian men experience.  We understand where you’re coming from.  We understand how honour/respect, modesty and shame/embarrassment can silence us when we most need support. 

We know how difficult it can be to navigate the terrain between personal choice and family satisfaction.  We’re also aware of the pressure society places on us and the confusion identity, culture and religion can cause.

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Prevalence, Disclosure, and Help Seeking in Black and Asian Male Survivors of Sexual Violence in the United Kingdom: A Rapid Review.

BTS and the men who access our service, were proud contributors to this study by the brilliant Dr Ken Widanaralalage.

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