Prevalence, Disclosure, and Help Seeking in Black and Asian Male Survivors of Sexual Violence in the United Kingdom: A Rapid Review.

BTS and the men who access our service, were proud contributors to this study by the brilliant Dr Ken Widanaralalage.

The film features the ‘same’ person as a boy and then as a young and older man as he attempts to articulate the words to describe the sexual violence he suffered as a young boy through the written word.
 Gary Pleece, CEO of Male Survivors Partnership said “This film is really important in order to highlight the endemic issue of sexual violence against boys and men in society in England and Wales. I was abused as a young boy, the trauma from which nearly killed me. It was only specialist therapy from MankindUK that saved my life.
Men from ethnic communities face unique mental health challenges, which can be worsened by racism, stigma, and inequality. The pandemic has had a devastating effect on mental health, as well as the accessibility of treatment. 57% of adults experienced mental health concerns during the pandemic. By working with The Meridian Centre in Bradford, you can help us to provide ethnic minority (predominantly Muslim) men facing mental health crises with specialised psychotherapy. With your support, we can help more people who are struggling to cope with mental health issues. Find out more here.

As members of the Male Survivors Partnership, we’re also really pleased to be able to offer you access to their collection of self help Guides on various different issues which you find by clicking here.


If you’re not ready to talk about it, or just want some support, read our ‘Coping with Crisis’ booklet – click here



A survivors self help booklet – click here to view

Men are victims as well as perpetrators of sex crime. So why aren’t they talking? – click here to view

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Recovering from Boyhood Sexual Abuse – click here to view

Academic Research

Taking Back Control: a presentation by Dr Nicole Westmarland: Durham Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse
Although this research focuses on female survivors, the results page on wards (please scroll through) has information that may benefit youclick here to view

Adult survivors & their families: current needs & service responses (PowerPoint Presentation)
D. Seddon, A. Krayer, C. Robinson & H. Gwilym (Bangor University) in collaboration with G. McKeown & C. Hodrien (Victim Support Wales) click here to view