We are committed to helping organisations and professionals develop their practice to better support BAME men.

We offer a 3-hour training seminar for organisations engaging BAME men (not only survivors). The session aims to help organisations build ‘legitimacy’ – those outward signs and practices that demonstrate that you have:

a) An understanding of racist structural inequalities and violent institutional practices (e.g. white supremacy), and a commitment to dismantling them,

b) An understanding of, and a commitment to learning about the cultural circumstances that silence BAME communities

c) A commitment to anti-oppressive practice – facing prejudice can be re-traumatising

  • BAME men and hyper-masculinity
  • Structural racism: the barrier to help-seeking
  • The Biraderi system (clan loyalty) and how it can prevent disclosure
  • Jinn – the role of the supernatural – Cultural and religious belief and the mistrust of ‘western’ models of mental health
  • Homosexuality and Forced Marriage
  • Risk indicators
  • Gaining Legitimacy
  • Engaging and supporting BAME male survivors (and their families) post disclosure

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