Our Background and Mission Statement

Break the Silence was set up in June 2012 thanks to a grant from Comic Relief. Imran Manzoor, having worked for 10 years in Manningham as a Youth and Community worker, felt it was imperative that support was established to provide more help for Asian-origin males affected by sexual abuse. For many statutory services these victims remain unknown. The territory is deemed as difficult terrain to navigate. Communities too are reluctant to disclose abuse to external sources. The name comes directly from our desire to "break the silence."

We provide individual counselling to those affected by abuse. We feel this is the most effective way of helping people come to terms with their issues, as each person is affected in their own individual way.

We hope to work with statutory services to help those ‘unknown’ victims so they can be kept safe. We also hope to help survivors to lead a more effective life.

We want to provide a service that recognises that abuse is a difficult area of care, one which cannot be hurried as the issues involved are so complex and usually very difficult for the client to work with. Often we are working with clients who have been prevented from disclosing by a large family network or who have little faith in the statutory services.

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide a dedicated counselling service for Asian origin males affected by sexual abuse including its related problems.
  • To promote the project's support for those affected by abuse.
  • To work for a greater understanding of the problems caused by abuse.
  • To act as a training agency for student counsellors, professionals and other individuals and agencies.
  • We do not charge for our counselling services, Break the Silence has benefited from significant support from Comic Relief.
  • To develop a framework for statutory agencies to protect these victims without causing ‘double victimisation’.
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